Workbench TWO – Day 8

The objective for Day 8 was dog holes !  Planning, reviewing the BenchCrafted web site, finding materials, making the jig, testing the jig and finally cutting the dog holes in the top piece. Before actually cutting the dog holes,  I had to stop and figure out the placement of the alignment dominos I have been […]

Workbench TWO – Day 7

Two objectives for day 7.   Glue up 2nd leg sections and work on plan details for the fourth top section.  The forth and last top section has the dog holes and tail vise slot incorporated in it. So this has to be planned out. Quickly completed the leg section glue up.  I am really liking […]

2015 – Workbench TWO

After 10 years of building my shop and my skills and my craft taking a turn to more hand tools it was time for a new more functional workbench. The story is told in day by day blogs listed in the index below. Day 1 – Milling stock for the first of 4 top sections […]

Workbench Two – Day 3

Day 3 was exciting.  The first slab of 4 was ready to come out of the clamps.  The first process was to get the slab through the jointer and planer to get 4 sides square. The comments on the pictures really tell the story. The glue, while very different from my standard Titebond II or […]