2015 – Workbench TWO

After 10 years of building my shop and my skills and my craft taking a turn to more hand tools it was time for a new more functional workbench.

The story is told in day by day blogs listed in the index below.

Day 1 – Milling stock for the first of 4 top sections

Day 2 – Gluing the first section of 4 boards

Day 3 – Four Square first top Section – Selection of all top stock

Day 4 – Milling all top parts – Lessons learned

Day 5 – Milling process adjustments – Top section 2 glue up

Day 6 – Top section 3 glue up – Leg stock and milling

Day 7 – Dog holes, Dogs and plan modifications

Day 8 – Dog holes,  build jig, route dog holes

Day 9 – Route Tail vise slot

Day 10 – Four square top sections – final top glue up

Day 11 – Top sections 3 & 4 glue up – mill and glue leg parts

Day 12 – Final top glue up – complete milling on glued up leg parts

Day 13 – Flatten the bottom of the bench top – Mill and plane front, back and end rails

Day 14 – Legs to length, top tenons cut and layout of mortises on legs

Day 15 – Mortises and peg holes drilled in legs

Day 16 – Finished all mortises, chiseled out square and worked on layout for legs

Day 17 – Four Square the top

Day 18 – Completing the Four Square for Top, ends and faces

Day 19 – End milling rework, sized short rails, and bandsaw belt failed

Day 20 – Mortise router jig tutorial and completed leg mortises

Day 21 – Redesign of vise location and orientation & First two short rails fitted

Day 22 –  Short rails mortise and tenons.   Start installation of twin vise.

Day 23 –  Short rails and corresponding legs completed and assembled

Day 24 –  trim drawbore pegs , drilling pre-drill holes for lag screws and fitting long rails

Day 25 – Complete bolts and barrel nuts on long rails and twin vise install

Day 26 – Complete twin vise and tail vise installations

Day 27 – Fix Tail Vise Mounting Stock bolt holes

Day 28 – Bottom Shelf

Day 29 – Treating the top and applying a poly finish to the base

Day 30 – Bench Dogs

Day 31 – Installing the bench top onto the bench base

Day 32 – Completed the twin vise install with with vise face

Day DONE !  The workbench is complete.  Final Post

Below is an album of the final pictures.