Video Light Version 2

Introduction As I started creating YouTube Woodworking Videos in my Woodworking shop I realized that my shop lighting while very good for woodworking was NOT good for video work.   I needed lighting that would be horizontal not vertical.  That is in your face instead of overhead.  Details and History I had purchased some umbrella […]

2014 – Basement Flooding Fixed

Basement Water Problem Solved We have lived in this house for over 20 years.   About 10+ years ago, the same time I started building my shop, we started having water flooding problems in the basement.   I would just suck the water out with the wet/dry shop vac or later on a small pump. […]

2014 – Jointer Shelf

Project For me, the most dangerous tool in my shop is my jointer.   I have an 8″ Grizzly G0593 with spiral head.   I have always been concerned about pushing boards through the jointer with my hands on the board.   I have read of boards that explode and your hand goes into the cutter […]

2014 – Planer Feed Table

Planer Infeed / Outfeed This project started when I was looking at Woodworking posts on Google+.   A woodworker published a video of his solution to his “snipe” problem on his lunch box planer. The solution was to replace the in / out feed tables with a single surface from input to output.  I would […]