Video Light Version 2


As I started creating YouTube Woodworking Videos in my Woodworking shop I realized that my shop lighting while very good for woodworking was NOT good for video work.   I needed lighting that would be horizontal not vertical.  That is in your face instead of overhead. 

Details and History

I had purchased some umbrella type lighting for my still photography work.  I had several  85W florescence bulbs which where equivalent to 350 watt classic style bulbs.  I just needed some fixtures!

My First attempt was a 3 bulb version of this light, that was installed to over my table saw to provide a general video type light for my workbench.  This is the 2nd light or version two.  I used the lessons learned and measurements from the 1st and  

The Video


The PDF Plan document


Down Load the SketchUp File from 3D Warehouse 

Tools, Materials and Supplies



Spax Pan Head #6 5/8″


Spax Pan Head #8 x 1″


Spax #8 x 2 ½”


Electrical Wire – Home depot 100ft 16g extension cord

Note:  I needed 16g wire for 2 lights, long runs to switch box.  This was the cheapest way to purchase 16g wire.  


Home Depot: White Marker Board (Common: 3/16 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft.)

             Store pickup only

Lowes: Two wire utility light socket

NOTE: Check the size of this.  The 1 ½” hole diameter may vary depending on brand.