Workbench TWO – Day 23

The objective today is to get the short rails and corresponding legs completed and assembled. Some finishing steps were required on the short rails to have them ready for glue up and draw boarded. Drilled all the holes in the top short rails that will allow the 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ lag bolts to be […]

Workbench TWO – Day 9

The objective for today is routing out the tail vise slot and complete the glue up of the forth section of the top.  That will be the last section. Built a jig to allow routing the template slot.  This is being done on the side of the top piece.  It uses the same router setups […]

Workbench TWO – Day 6

The objective for Day 6 is to get the third top section glued up and start the milling and building process for the legs. The second section came out of the clamps in fine shape.  I decided to cut off the excess length with my $20 handsaw.  The saw and my technique have a long […]

Workbench TWO – Day 5

The goal for today is to complete the milling of all of the top boards.  Also, I wanted to fix some problems with the jointing process. First, fixing the problems.  I thought a lot about my milling processes and what could be causing the problems.  Two possible problems came to mind.  First it was hard […]

Workbench TWO – Day 2

Day 1 I milled the first 4 boards for the bench top.  These were ready to be glued.   Day 2 was the glue up.  This was very interesting and I learned what worked and what did not work. I am using TiteBond Extended glue.  This give me 15 minutes open time and 25 minutes working […]