Workbench TWO – Day 23

The objective today is to get the short rails and corresponding legs completed and assembled.

Some finishing steps were required on the short rails to have them ready for glue up and draw boarded.

Drilled all the holes in the top short rails that will allow the 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ lag bolts to be used in the final assembly.    Also drilled the same size holes, with different recess for the two twin vise backer boards.   Still loving my Drill Press Table.  It just works and makes the drill press better.

Had to cut the pin ( pegs ?) for the draw board pins.  I wanted to taper the ends.  But looked at the belt.  It was definitely time for a new 120 grit belt.  Done.  Sanded the tapers.

So everything was ready for a very BIG moment.  Gluing and draw board pinning the short rails to the legs.   I decided to use the Tite Bond Extended glue, just so I would have plenty of time.

With no chance of squeeze out, I used a lot of glue in each of the mortises.  Everything went together, just like it has at least 4 previous clamping and checkings.   My 2 pound sledge is just the tool to drive the pins.  No Problem !!

The glue up needs to sit for 24 hours.   I walked out of the shop about 9pm.   It was a late day.   The shop is a mess which will get cleaned up before I start again.

NOTE: Day 23 will be setting up the leg assemblies and getting the true measure for the long rail.  Then getting the holes bored for the Bench Crafted Barrel nuts.  Then finishing the installation of the twin and tail vises.

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