Workbench TWO – Day 6

The objective for Day 6 is to get the third top section glued up and start the milling and building process for the legs. The second section came out of the clamps in fine shape.  I decided to cut off the excess length with my $20 handsaw.  The saw and my technique have a long […]

Shop Safety Project: Jointer Shelf

For me, the most dangerous tool in my shop is my jointer.   I have an 8″ Grizzly G0593 with spiral head.   I have always been concerned about pushing boards through the jointer with my hands on the board.   I have read of boards that explode and your hand goes into the cutter head. […]

Chisel Chest Build 1

As part of my shop plan to get to my new work bench several steps were necessary. My Planes have been not had a good home.   This has to change.  I have slightly damaged one of my brass plane soles and that is just painful. To have a home for my planes,  I have […]