Cabinet Trim using Hand Planes and Pocket holes

Intro The Sewing  Cutting Table project continues.   The cabinets are assembled and need some trim pieces.  The video will show how I created and attached the trim to the cabinet pieces.  The plywood trim pieces are attached using at Grex P635 pin nailer. The Video Tool Links Lie-Nielsen 5 1/2 Jack Plane      […]

Pocket Hole Cabinet Assembly

Intro I have built many pocket hole cabinets for my shop and other cabinet needs. Along the way I have delveloped some tips and techniques that you might find useful. This is my 3rd video. This was completed using bucket pod 1 & 2 which proved to be successful in their ease of setup in […]

Sewing Rooming Cutting Table – Part 2

Next step is the drawer cabinet.  The design ( below ) is to have two shelf units and the drawer unit. NOTE:  All parts of these cabinets are 3/4″ Home Depot Sande Ply. This process follows steps that I have developed over several projects. Determine the size of the box Decide drawer configuration with drawer […]

Shop Assembly Table

I have been looking at the area in my shop, I call the finish area.   It has been a collector of junk at times.  Recently I put a small folding table with a 30×60″ piece of plywood on top.   I found this very useful for assembly, gluing and finishing.   So I took […]

2014 – Planer Feed Table

Planer Infeed / Outfeed This project started when I was looking at Woodworking posts on Google+.   A woodworker published a video of his solution to his “snipe” problem on his lunch box planer. The solution was to replace the in / out feed tables with a single surface from input to output.  I would […]

Chisel Chest – Day 4 build

With the sides complete with the sliders, I can put the cabinet together. Since this is going to be hidden in the shelf unit I decided not to do full top/bottom and back. I cut strips of 3/4″ plywood and drilled all of the pocket holes. Lots of clamps, as always. The finished cabinet turned […]

Chisel Chest – Day 2 build

All of the drawer box parts where cut, with the bottom dado cut. I started by drilling all of the pocket holes. My standard box for utility drawers is 3/4″ ply with 1/4″ bottom. Since the box is made from plywood I do not worry about movement so the bottom dado can go on all […]