2014 – Planer Feed Table

Planer Infeed / Outfeed

This project started when I was looking at Woodworking posts on Google+.   A woodworker published a video of his solution to his “snipe” problem on his lunch box planer.

The solution was to replace the in / out feed tables with a single surface from input to output.  I would love to give him credit for this idea, but I have not been able to find the post.

So I decided I wanted to improve my Dewalt 733 lunch box planer.   I have a very large project in the near future.   I will be building a new workbench.   This will require planing 8 ft long 3 1/2″ x 8″  glued up slabs that will make up the work bench top.  The longer table will be more stable and will give me much better results.

I designed most of this in my head and fine tuned the design as I moved through the project.  The material I choose is Phenolic Faced Plywood from Woodcraft.   This is expensive but I think very stable and the surface is polished and should provide an excellent feed table.   The rest of the project was Kreg Pocket Hole screws,  9/16″ and 3/8″ bolts, nuts and washers.

Two large problems had to be solved.

  • My top of my cart for the planer has sagged since I built it in 2009.   I tried to fix this with angle iron.  That did not work.  So the base the planer is bolted to is not planer.
  • The second problem is the phenolic plywood is slightly bowed.  Really if it was not bowed, it could easily become bowed.  So I have to engineer a solution to controlling the feed surface to keep it planer and in the same plane as the cutter bladed on the machine.

This is just a teaser picture…  So you get some of the idea.

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