Woodworking in America 2016

Intro Once again I have returned from Woodworking in America, learning from the masters of the woodworking world, getting excited about being in the workshop making things with wood and most importantly enriched by all the conversations with “freinds” that I get to see maybe once a year. I always enjoy the photography aspect of […]

Woodworking In America – WIA – 2011

This was my third WIA event.   I attended the first event in Bera KY, in 2008.  My next conference was 2010, in Covington KY, which is just across the river from Cincinnati OH. The venue was excellent as this was the second year in the same place.  I treated myself to the hotel across […]

Woodworking In America – WIA – 2010

This was the second WIA I attended.   The Convington KY Convention center was a new venue.   It turned out to be an excllent place to have this type of conference.   The registration for class was just open seating.  This working out well, as the organizers guessed at what presenters would have the […]

WIA – Woodworking in America 2008

Roy Underhill and Frank Klausz

As I was making my journey in woodworking this think called Woodworking In America hit the boards.    Popular Woodworking had organized a weekend for woodworkers.   There was going to be hands on classes and classes that were demonstration and lecture. There was also going to be  trade show with many of the usual […]