WIA – Woodworking in America 2008

As I was making my journey in woodworking this think called Woodworking In America hit the boards.    Popular Woodworking had organized a weekend for woodworkers.   There was going to be hands on classes and classes that were demonstration and lecture.

There was also going to be  trade show with many of the usual vendors and some that I had never heard of.

WOW !!

What a weekend.  I found a whole new world of woodworking with hand tools.  Not just ordinary hand tools but tools made my guys one by one.   Chisels,  saws,  planes, workbenches, vises and so much more.

The teaching sessions were given by the best of the best woodworkers in America today.

The pictures tell some of the story.  But the real story was all of the conversations you had with so many guys just like me.  We love wood and working wood as craftsmen.