2015 – Plane and Saw Till

The plane and saw till was part 4 of a six part process. A new set of shelves.   This cleared space so I could move my 8 organizer boxes to the right side of the cutoff saw table. Moving 10 organizer boxes from one side of the back wall to the other. A new Chisel […]

Plane and Saw Till

The plane till was finished March of 2015.   This process started back in November of 2014, with this blog post,  mysaw.com/plane-till-step-1-make-room/ This was part of a 5 part plan that was to be finished with the new workbench, which was blogged here, mysaw.com/workbench-two-complete/ I was very busy with blogging all 33 days of the workbench build and […]

Plane Till – Step 1 – Make room

I am working on the plane till design. Based on the design I know the width and height of the Plane and Saw tills.  A big step is to make room for these two shop storage systems. I am reworking the work flow in the shop to be more hand tool friendly. This means a […]