Hand Tool Shop Organization

I find myself moving towards more hand tool use. Since my first Rob Cosman class on dove tails and the first WIA in 2008 I have come to appreciate and understand the role of hand tools as a woodworking craftsman.

So I created a plan in my OCD mind. Now that most of the plan has been completed, it is easy to put it in writing.

The plan:

Build a new shelf unit to store all of the hand power tools and a few other orphaned items. Completed

Move a section of plastic storage boxes to the space vacated by the hand power tools.  Completed

Build a new “Chisel Chest”.   This would contain all my measuring and marking tools as well as chisels, rasps and plane parts. Completed

Complete revamp the “tool wall”.  Add 2 feet of space and remove everything and start over with the organization. This included a new Hammer rack and a new screw driver rack.  Completed

[one-third-first]ToolWall2015-1 [/one-third-first][one-third]ToolWall2015-2[/one-third][one-third] ToolWall2015-3[/one-third]

Build a new Plane Till, plane storage and Saw Till.  Completed



Build a new Roubo style workbench.  I call this Workbench TWO.  In Process