Beginners Hand Planing

Intro This video will show beginners how to plane a board smooth.  This board would be flat from milling on the jointer and thickness planer. The video will show the process of using a “jack” plane and a “smoother” plane. The Video Products, Tools and Supplies Lie Neilsen LN 62 Jack Plane Lee Vallery, Veritas […]

Plane Iron Sharpening – Bevel Up

Intro In this video I will show how I sharpen a bevel up smother plane iron ( blade ).  The process includes a new primary bevel, secondary bevel, shaping the curve for a smoother plane and setting the back wear bevel ( ruler trick ). New primary bevel Secondary bevel Shaping the curve for a […]

Whiteside Ultimate Pattern – Trim Bit

Intro A Shop Talk showing examples on using the Whiteside Ultimate Sprial/Trim router bits.  This video will show 5 examples of how I have used these two very amazing router bits. I have two of these Bits. Whiteside Model UDP9112 Ultimate Spiral Pattern Bit Whiteside Model UDFT9112 Spiral Flush Trim This video will show 5 […]

Plane Sharpening from a Master

I do not often re-post stuff, but this video, blogged By Don Williams is just excellent.  Don’s blog is one of the great ones. I am posting the link here so your will be directed toYouTube where the size is better.  This is NOT in english,  which just make you pay more attention.  You will […]

Hand Saw – My $20 ebay Disston D8

I am pushing slowly towards hand tools.   I really wanted two cross cut handsaws.   So I have been reading and asking questions on my favorite forum   This thread was very helpful from the great woodworkers on the forum. So while looking at saws on ebay  I found this saw.  There were […]

Shop Aprons, My Experience

So do you use a shop apron ??  I think I want to.  I have tried and I think I like it, but….. My biggest need is I am always hunting for my pencil and/or tape measure !! What I like about shop aprons is easy access to my tape measure, pencils and a small […]