Hand Saw – My $20 ebay Disston D8

I am pushing slowly towards hand tools.   I really wanted two cross cut handsaws.   So I have been reading and asking questions on my favorite forum  WoodNet.net.   This thread was very helpful from the great woodworkers on the forum.

So while looking at saws on ebay  I found this saw.  There were 4 hours left and the prices was only at $20.   Very unusual.   Nice crosscut Disston saws are abut $150 – $180.   So I put in a bid for max $30.  I won !!

I asked the folks on WoodNet.net what they thougth of my purchase.  Most said it would probably be a good “user” saw.

So here is what I bought for $20.

  • There is little pitting on the plate.
  • By my eye I think I see a very slight S curve in the line of the top of the plate.
  • It is clean and has been sharpened. 8 ppi cross cut.
  • The handle would ( I think ) would have stopped most from purchasing, but I really did not know what I was looking at.
  • The handle is tight.
  • It has been sharpened.

I did a couple of cuts through some 2 x 3 in hardwood. It seems to be “catchy” if that is a description. Maybe I need to run a file down the sides. I have seen that in the classes I have taken.

It did cut the hardwood with no problem. Since it is a 8 ppi it would be my rough cross cut.

This is nothing like the 10ppi I got from Michael Merlo ( azmica90405 on ebay ). It is much nicer quality ( D 15 Victory ) and cuts like butter. No catching.

BTW the Michael Merlo was on recommendation from Woodnet.netl in this thread LINK.

Here are a bunch of pictures. Please let me know what you see in the pictures. I would really like to learn.