Guild Meeting – How to fit drawers

Our monthly Woodworkers Guild Of GA meeting was last night.  The program, “How to fit drawers”, was presented by Steve Quehl.

Steve really getting into his topic of fitting drawers.WOW,  What an incredible presentation.  Steve is an excellent craftsman and speaker.  While the topic was How to fit drawers,  the topic was really how to build a sqaure table.

So why don’t drawers fit sometimes?  Steve concentrated on one central theme.  Square !!!  Everything is critical to the end product.

So what is important.  The list below are some major points.

  •  Full size drawing, with 3 views.
  • Stock selection
  • Milling techniques
  • Joinery, dovetail and tennons
  • Actual drawer fitting
  • When NOT square is ok.

The basic theme over the entire talk is the details count.  A full size drawing really makes you think about each measurement and joint.  Sometimes you may not follow a plan exactly.   The full size drawing helps find the missing details.

Milling techniques needs to be your process, which is very consistent and have a method of measurements and marking.   Steve gave lots of hints he uses.

At then end I never realized how tight drawers really need to be, to end up with a snug fit that feels good the the hand.

Please enjoy the pictures in the album.  I tried make relevant comments each each.




  1. ralph boumenot says

    I like your album presentation. It cuts down on the verbiage and allows me to look at my leisure and search the whole picture. Is this a special program you use to do these?

    • Bartee says


      My website is a WordPress website, so I use “album” plugins to show the album in the format that you see. The problem is you have to feed the albums. So, this process goes much further back. My process is different from yours. I like that you have pictures of each nights work.

      My style is to blog about projects. Sometimes a few times during the process, sometimes at the end of the project.

      So I take pictures continually during a build. I “process” these pictures using LightRoom since I shoot in RAW format. If you shoot directly in JPG format, you would use Google’s Picasa program to Process your pictures. This processing include enhancing photos, cropping the images and adding comments to each photo,. I also will re-arrange occasionally.

      The result is an album of pictures.

      Since you use Google Blogger for your blog, you would create an album in Picasa on your computer. Then you have to upload this as an album. In my opinion Google has made this process somewhat difficult. What I have found is you have to “Share” the album. This will get the pictures “uploaded” Then you have to connect this to your blog. See this link

      All of this takes time! It is something I enjoy and it’s the way I want to present my “message”. BUT it is time consuming!!!! So that is a very long answer to a short question.

      Please ask if you want to pursue this. I will be happy to help.

  2. says

    I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I certainly liked reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I loved it!

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