Drying Rack – paint and all

Now that I have the new Assembly / finish / glue up table completed, I am using it to finish all of the parts for the Cutting Table.  They are LOT of panels that have to be finished.  So I needed a Drying Rack. Materials: 2×6 from Home Depot.  Jointed on one side so it […]

Plane Sharpening from a Master

I do not often re-post stuff, but this video, blogged By Don Williams is just excellent.  Don’s blog is one of the great ones. I am posting the link here so your will be directed toYouTube where the size is better.  This is NOT in english,  which just make you pay more attention.  You will […]

Shop Assembly Table

I have been looking at the area in my shop, I call the finish area.   It has been a collector of junk at times.  Recently I put a small folding table with a 30×60″ piece of plywood on top.   I found this very useful for assembly, gluing and finishing.   So I took […]

Plane and Saw Till

The plane till was finished March of 2015.   This process started back in November of 2014, with this blog post,  mysaw.com/plane-till-step-1-make-room/ This was part of a 5 part plan that was to be finished with the new workbench, which was blogged here, mysaw.com/workbench-two-complete/ I was very busy with blogging all 33 days of the workbench build and […]

T-Track – A Better product

I have been using T-Track since about 2005.   I have purchased T-Track from Rockler, Peachtree Woodworking and probably several other vendors. In the process of installing a new router table fence from WoodPecker I found my initial setup from 2008 used 5/16″ track.   The Woodpecker system is 1/4″.   The Woodpecker fence also […]

DeWalt DW618 bearing replacement

As I was working on WorkBench TWO, I pushed my router a too hard and burned the main bearing in my Dewalt DW618 router.   This blog will describe in 48 pictures with commentary how to replace this bearing.    I was not able to find any post that directly addressed this problem. This is […]

Workbench TWO – Complete

The Workbench is complete ! History I built my first workbench, Workbench ONE, in 2003.   I have built many projects using this bench.  It served me well. As I built these projects the “Roubo” workbench revolution in woodworking was underway.   Chris Schwarz wrote his first book.  Everyone was ( and still are ) […]

Workbench TWO – Day 32

We are getting to the end.   Today is finishing installing the twin vise and the shelf boards. The twin vise installation for hardware had been completed with the bench up-side down.   This enabled me to do precision work will all of the hardware alignment, mounting the vise back boards and drilling the various […]

Workbench TWO – Day 31

Today we are bringing the workbench top and the base together.    It is a BIG day in this build. The bench base and top have been mated during the construction process, but upside down.   I did actually attach the base to insure the precision lineup of all of the vise parts both mechanical […]