Workbench TWO – Complete

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The Workbench is complete !


I built my first workbench, Workbench ONE, in 2003.   I have built many projects using this bench.  It served me well.

As I built these projects the “Roubo” workbench revolution in woodworking was underway.   Chris Schwarz wrote his first book.  Everyone was ( and still are ) building mighty workbenches.  Woodworking In America ( WIA ) 2011 was the point where I really started looking at workbenches.   At WIA 2011, I found the Horvarter Vises.  From the experiences in shop, I really liked the work holding ability of this vise.

From 2011 on, I purchased parts and planned for the eventual building of my new workbench.  Projects such as a new work top for my drill press and a new feed system for my planer where designed and completed.

On Janurary 1st, 2014, I retired.  It was time to get started.  I was definitely changing my approach to woodworking to include many more hand tools.   Based on this I set forth on a 5 step process to re-orient my work space to facilitate this change in my direction.  This included:

  1. new set of shelves.   This cleared space so I could move my 8 organizer boxes to the right side of the cutoff saw table.
  2. Moving 10 organizer boxes from one side of the back wall to the other.
  3. A new Chisel Chest.  A 7 drawer cabinet to contain all of my measuring and marking tools and all of my chisels.
  4. A new Plane and Saw till.  This would be added to the “Tool Wall”
  5. A complete reorganization of the tool wall, including adding 2 feet of space, new hammer rack, screw driver rack and moving handy-man tools into seperate tool boxes.
  6. The new workbench,  “WorkBench TWO”.


This was the beginning:

For @bvmoyers.  1997  Honda loaded.  This was the beginning of #workbenchtwo


This was the end result:


  • 7 ft 6 in long
  • 26″ wide
  • 3 5/8″ thick
  • Twin Vise – 35″ long overall, 24″ between shafts
  • Tail Vise – Continuous ability from 3″ to 71″
  • About 200 board feet of 8/4 maple, 2 pieces of 4/4 stock for shelf and one 12/4 for the bench faces
  • Top finish is BLO + Bees Wax + Mineral Spirits.
  • All other finish is General Finishes Enduro-Var Satin, 3 coats
  • Titebond Extend Wood Glue used throughout.

Project Stats:

  • Started March 9, 2015
  • Completed June 9,2015
  • Approximately 40 work sessions in the shop.
  • Blog reporting as 32 days.
  • Photography with Canon T2i with 24-105 Canon red line lens.
  • Photographs 1368 shots, 688 used in blogs and other reporting.
  • Photographic process is from RAW digital images, processed with Adobe Light Room 5
  • Instagram reporting was 56 posts @mysawbartee #workbenchtwo
  • Video with Google Nexus 5 cell phone uploaded to YouTube
  • This is the 33rd Blog post.

The final walk around movie

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The final glamor shots, for pure enjoyment: