Workbench TWO – Day 32

We are getting to the end.   Today is finishing installing the twin vise and the shelf boards. The twin vise installation for hardware had been completed with the bench up-side down.   This enabled me to do precision work will all of the hardware alignment, mounting the vise back boards and drilling the various […]

Workbench TWO – Day 27

The objective today was to fix the problem on the tail vise mounting stock. I realized yesterday as I was writing the notes for Day 26 pictures there was a problem with the mounting bolts for the tail vise stock.  The sliding nut assemblies were engineered as two aluminum pieces so the bolt could move […]

Workbench TWO – Day 22

Objective today is complete the short rails mortise and tenons for for 2nd set of legs.   Start installation of twin vise including cutting clearance in upper rail,  sizing and initial fitting of backer boards for twin vise. Completing the remaining mortise and tenons for the short rails was straight forward.  Learned a lot on […]

Workbench TWO – Day 1

So I am finally building a new workbench.  My original bench has served well.  Solid core door with two vises. The new bench is “roubo” style bench.  I was inspired by the Chris Schwarz’s first workbench book and all of the woodworking community activity following. A few descriptive items: 250 board feet of “soft” 8/4 […]