Workbench TWO – Day 18

Objective for today is completing the Four Square of the top.  This included the two ends and the front and back faces of the workbench top.

I stared by doing some cleaning and de-cluttering some work surfaces.   A clean shop is a safer shop and makes me happy.

I had previously trimmed the tail vise end of the work bench.   This is going to have a 2″ board added to support the installation of the Horvarter Tail Vise.    So the end needs to be square to face and the top of the workbench.  It also need to be flat.

The previous cut was made using my “skill” saw.  This worked reasonably well, but did not cut all the way through the top.  My first pass from the bottom was with the “skill” saw.   That left about 1/16 proud surface.   It then occured to me to use my excellent Whiteside Spiral Flush Trim bit.  This bit has a very long shaft so can reach at least 2″ down from the top surface.   You can see in the pictures how the bit was set up.  This took two passes, but the result was excellent and quick.

Moving on the the problem with the front and back faces of the top.  I needed to move the entire top to stand it up so I could effectively hand plane these two surfaces.   Hello Harbor Freight Chain Hoist


The first short video is moving the workbench top down to stands for planing. ( kitty litter buckets )

The second short video is moving the workbench top back up to the old workbench for the next processes.

Rigging the chain host to the rafters and building a rope sling was accomplished.   The first lift produced two or the not so perfect results.

First,  After setting the top on it’s back side on two kitty litter buckets I needed to clamp the top to the existing bench so I could have a stable surface to plane.   That was somewhat easy.  Just swing the entire top to “hook” the old vise, then clamp.

Second I found quickly how dirty chain host is.  While I was pulling the first time, with my bare hands, the moving chain was spewing tiny drops of oil on my bench.  NOT Happy.   I will be able to make a plane pass across the top and clean it up.

Also the chain cut my finger.  It was then I noticed my black hands and bleeding finger.  Quickly got band aid on the cut.  Decided I needed gloves, OLD gloves and needed to get my hands cleaned up.  I was putting black on everything I touched.


Squaring  the front and back faces was an standard hand tool plane task.  Now that I could move the large workbench top, this was easy and I ended up with nice planed finished surfaces.  And Square !!

So I finished the day by putting away the chain hoist, rope and putting all the tools back where they belong.  I do have a chain bolted to the rafters if ever needed.

NOTE: Day 19 will be working on legs, rails and mortises into the bottom of the top.

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