Workbench TWO – Day 19

Objective to day is the Tail Vise end, vise placement and sizing the short rails for the legs.

I started the day realizing I needed to 2″ stock.  So this would have to be 12/4 stock to get a full 2″.   I went over to my local Woodcraft.  They had one piece of hard maple 12/4 7′ long.  Perfect.   Took that home.  Cut a 27″ piece off and milled, resawed and planed the end piece down to 2″ x 7 1/2″.

So I proudly put this across the end that I worked so hard on.  FAILURE !!  The end was NOT flat.  Missed the precision on that one.  So this time I went directly to my Whiteside Ultimate Trim set.  I only have A and B.

2015-04-15 13_51_41-Whiteside Machine Company

So I made four passes.  First two with the B bit and second two with the A bit.   This worked very well.  See the pictures for a full story.

Next I went to work on sizing the short end rails between the legs.  I have these milled but not exactly sized.  This was a lot of checking and checking.  The work bench is not exact size anything at this point.  Worked it all out.

Cut the short rails to length. Cut all the shoulders.  Ready to finish the tenons on the band saw….


Well…. I burned the bandsaw blade doing the resaw on the 12/4 piece.  I am sure this started the last time I changed the blade and got the blade stuck with bad adjustment.  Live and Learn.  A new belt is on the way.  Oh yes,  all those mechanic skills and tools still come in handy.

NOTE: Day 20 will be finishing the short rail tenons and cutting the mortises in the bench top.

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