Sewing Rooming Cutting Table – Part 2

Next step is the drawer cabinet.  The design ( below ) is to have two shelf units and the drawer unit. NOTE:  All parts of these cabinets are 3/4″ Home Depot Sande Ply. This process follows steps that I have developed over several projects. Determine the size of the box Decide drawer configuration with drawer […]

2014 – Chisel Chest

The chisel Chest is done. I started the project on 5/25/2014. It was completed 7/22/2014. So About 8 weeks. Probably about 10 sessions in the shop. he chest uses full extension 16″ slides.   There are 6 2 1/2″ drawers and one 5″ drawer.   The carcus construction is all Home Depot SandePly with Pocket […]

Chisel Chest – Day 4 build

With the sides complete with the sliders, I can put the cabinet together. Since this is going to be hidden in the shelf unit I decided not to do full top/bottom and back. I cut strips of 3/4″ plywood and drilled all of the pocket holes. Lots of clamps, as always. The finished cabinet turned […]

Chisel Chest – Day 3 build

Moving on….  Next after drawer construction is the process for the full extension sliders. I sized the cabinet sides and worked out the layout for each of the drawer sliders.   LOTS of careful layout here.   It is critical to get these correct. On of my favorite new tools is the Starrett 819 Hinge-Locating […]