2014 – Chisel Chest

The chisel Chest is done. I started the project on 5/25/2014. It was completed 7/22/2014. So About 8 weeks. Probably about 10 sessions in the shop.

he chest uses full extension 16″ slides.   There are 6 2 1/2″ drawers and one 5″ drawer.   The carcus construction is all Home Depot SandePly with Pocket Hole joinery.   The inside drawer dimensions are 31″ wide x 14 1/2″ deep.

This is step #3 in a five step process so my planes and backsaws will have a new nice home and my new workbench will be happy.

Step 1 was a new set of shelves.   This cleared space so I could move my 8 organizer boxes to the right side of the cutoff saw table.

Step 2 was moving the organizer boxes.  had to reset some shelves .

Step 3 is the Chisel Chest.  This will clear all of the chisels from the white tool wall

Step 4 is to build a plane and saw till.  These will be open and attached to the white tool wall.

Step 5 is a NEW workbench.

Since I am writing this a few weeks after the completion and moving lots of stuff to the Chisel Chest,  I can say that I really enjoy it’s function.   All of my marking tools are in the first two drawers.   So much easier to find the specific “tool” that I need.    I think this is really going to end up with me setting up the new working bench 180 degrees from how I have worked for 10 years.   If my thinking is right, this will end up reducing the number of steps while doing hand work.   And not really change much while I do machine work.   More on that later.

So here is the chisel chest in it’s new home.  I think it looks really great and I am very pleased with the result.


The Album shows the entire build process with comments.

Build images with comments. – Click for slide show.