Workbench TWO – Day 31

Today we are bringing the workbench top and the base together.    It is a BIG day in this build.

The bench base and top have been mated during the construction process, but upside down.   I did actually attach the base to insure the precision lineup of all of the vise parts both mechanical and milled stock.

Workbench ONE ( my old bench ) went to a new home today.  The bench build for #workbenchtwo is coming to a close.  I am using the new bench and tail vise to smooth the shelf pieces for the new bench.  I had the old bench for 10 years.  Good to give it a new home.

My plan to give Workbench ONE away to a friend.  I do not have room in my shop for two workbenches.   The first step was to clean out the old workbench.  So I now have stuff sitting around the shop in all the wrong places.

WBTDay29-31The new base has received 3 coats of Endur-Var sating poly.  It is a nice utility finish that brings out the character of the maple.  Next I assembled the new base behind the old bench.  This went together very easy.  The excellent barrel nuts and bolts came together perfectly.  I got all four started then did the final tightening.   The base is solid as a rock.

Top installed !! This is really an exciting moment for me.    Watch the video.  It was interesting.

Then the two were married.   Of course it takes a 1 ton chain hoist from Harbor Freight to make this happen. But then that chain hoist was part of the build.

So take a look at this video.  There were a few problems that a hammer would not solve, but in the end, all worked as it should and the top and base married perfectly.  I was so Happy.  I even did a “Happy Dance” at the end.  ( Sorry about the sound.  I had my air filter blower running, so the sound is terrible. )

The next posting will be completing the Twin Vise install and the shelf.  It will take a few days to get the finish complete on the shelf boards.

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