T-Track – A Better product

I have been using T-Track since about 2005.   I have purchased T-Track from Rockler, Peachtree Woodworking and probably several other vendors.

In the process of installing a new router table fence from WoodPecker I found my initial setup from 2008 used 5/16″ track.   The Woodpecker system is 1/4″.   The Woodpecker fence also has closer spacing of the tracks.

I decided to put in new 1/4″ track using the WoodPecker spacing.   I found some 1/4″ track in my spare parts bucket and started the search for screws.  That was a problem.  I needed #6 screws.  I do not think a #6 really has enough holding power in MDF.


To solve the screw problem on my existing track I was trying to enlarge the counter sunk screw hold in the track and grind the #8 screw heads to fit the counter sink.   NONE of this was a really good idea.

So I only live 1 mile from my Woodcraft store.  Since they have become a company owned store they have a tremendous inventory.   I looked at the Woodcraft in-house brand, Kreg and Incra.  I finally realized the genius of the Incra brand of T-Track.   Instead of using counter sink holes for the screws, the aluminum extrusion has a recessed channel for the screw heads.  So any of my #8 Spax screws will work in the channel.  An added benefit of the Incra track is 3″ hole spacing for screws.  The other brands are 5″ and 7″ spacing.   So as shown below, the #8 screws fit in the channel and I was able to use 3/4″ screws in my 1½” top.  Nice solution.


So if you are looking for T-Track for a project, I would look at the Incra product.


Update:  6/27/15.  One of my Google+ readers advised this T-Track is available from it’s direct distributor, along with lots more very interesting aluminum extrustions.  Check this out orangealuminum.com you can get the same style of T track cheaper. t-slot-framing-systems-and-tracks

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