Plane Sharpening from a Master

I do not often re-post stuff, but this video, blogged By Don Williams is just excellent.  Don’s blog is one of the great ones.

I am posting the link here so your will be directed toYouTube where the size is better.  This is NOT in english,  which just make you pay more attention.  You will get it.

Video Link

There is so much written and discussed on how to sharpen our planes and chisels.   All new woodworkers are faced with the task of learning out to sharpen.   Everyone has a system.  We have copied from what others have written boooks about, blogged about, and created oh so many videos.

At the end of the day, you just have to use your hands !!!  YOU have to try all of the methods you have observed and find your method of sharpening.   The only way to learn this is to DO this.  Use your hands means try new things,  practice them, make them yours !!!