Drying Rack – paint and all

Now that I have the new Assembly / finish / glue up table completed, I am using it to finish all of the parts for the Cutting Table.  They are LOT of panels that have to be finished.  So I needed a Drying Rack.


  • 2×6 from Home Depot.  Jointed on one side so it would lay flat
  • 1/2″ Pine 4ft dowels from Home Depot.
  • Shop made molding for standoff.

Once I had the idea in my head, I pulled with one trip to Home Depot, I pulled together the parts.

I found 4ft dowels which allowed me to have 2ft height in the rack.  After laying out a center line and working with the spacing for 10 dowels I drilled the holes on the drill press with a good 1/2″ bit.

Surprise, the dowels varying in diameter.  I drilled out the holes some and had to sand each of the dowel ends to allow a slip fit into the 2×6.  A 13mm ( ½” = 12.7mm ) drill bit would have helped some.  Always a good trick when dealing with dowels.

Found some nice fir in my scrap bins for the molding.  Used a profile bit on the router table.  Cut the dado with multiple passes on the table saw.

Ended up with this.

I post every shop visit on Instagram, so here is the fun little 15 second video from that.  You can find me on Instagram as “mysawbartee”.

A few pictures of the final product in the album: