Cutting Board Class

cuttingboards2014-11-10Our Local Woodcraft store ( Atlanta ) has a great line up of classes.   Their lead instructor for 12 years, Al Trevillyan is retiring for the second time.   So there were opening for new instructors.   I inquired and was offered the Cutting Board class.   I gladly accepted.   So I monitored and assisted Al in the November 2014 class.  My first classes will be in 2015.

The class was offered at Woodcraft Atlanta November 2014 from 10am to 4:30pm on two Sundays.   We had a full house of 6 students.

As the class progressed I took notes and took lots of pictures to document the process and the sequence.  I learned a lot !!!

We had mostly new woodworkers so these students learned a lot about basic machine tool woodworking and cutting board construction.

Al is an excellent instructor with many years of wisdom and experience.  He worked with each student gently guiding them and catching their mistakes.

The picture album below is only a small portion of the pictures.   It gives you a snapshot of the class but is not meant to be a complete narrative on how to make end grain and long grain cutting boards.  Signup next year and take my class.  Or find a local class.   There is nothing like hands on instruction to really learn from a project.  There is always more to learn than the topic.