Doll House Bed

My daughter calls on December 10th.  “Dad, Molly is getting a castle ( doll house size ) for Christmas.   She needs some furniture !”.

Having no idea how to approach building doll house furniture, I start exploring the internet.   I really did not find much.  I found one 20 year old book on Amazon.  I did find THE website for all things doll house.  I ordered two Mission Style kits.  A table and two chairs.  These arrived.  Very sterile laser cut precision parts that really just snap together.   Very clear white wood, not really balsa but maybe.   A few dabs of glue and I had a table a chairs.  I put some stain and three coat of spay can lacquer.   NOT what I was really thinking.

In my head I wanted something that looked like real wood that a 4 year old could play with without breaking.  Lots on thinking leading to some plans on Dec 25th. ( Really ).

So this is the finished product.  I was really pleased.  It’s all cherry with two coats of WaterLox.  It is 5 3/4″ x 2 3/4″.  The tall bed posts are 4 inches.  So this was supposed to be about 1″ = 1 ft.    The sides, head board and foot board are 3/32″ thick.


This was a fun project.  This requires the same skills a full scale furniture.  Parts must fit.  Below are the “build pictures”.

Enjoy.  ( I did ).

Build images with comments. – Click for slide show.