Plane Till – Step 1 – Make room

I am working on the plane till design. Based on the design I know the width and height of the Plane and Saw tills.  A big step is to make room for these two shop storage systems.

I am reworking the work flow in the shop to be more hand tool friendly. This means a massive rework of the “Tool Wall”. The tool wall has been a fixture in the shop for about 10 years. It has seen several reworkings over the years, this one being the first time everything has moved.

Tool Wall

2014 tool wall before renovations.

So I extened the left side of the tool wall by 2 ft.  I needed some extra space.   And yesterday I removed everything from the wall !!

PlaneTillStep1-11  PlaneTillStep1-12  PlaneTillStep1-10

Then I sanded the entire wall with 80 grit.   ( I did not fill all then screw holes.  I think it adds character ! )


And then I painted the wall.  Just used egg shell pure white on a 4 inch roller.    You can see the new 2 ft.  addition in this picture.  It is organized the way I think I want it.

I also started working on the design and layout for the “HI – LO” hammer holder.  I seem to have lots of hammers that I do use and they old system just wasted space and did not really organize them in a friendly way.


Oh yes !!!  The music stopped playing !!   I listen to music from my cell phone ( Pandora or my 400 cd collection ) on a small 25 year old amp on a pair of Radio shack metal speakers.  Well it stopped working, so I had to dig out an alternate sound source.  An old setup I had for a desktop computer.  Not as good, but will work for a while.


Dead 25 year old amp



Replacement solution.