Plane Till – New shop project starts

So I am in the process of doing a series of projects in the shop.   A new home for my planes and saws is the next step.

The steps are

  1. New set of shelves to clear space for the next three steps.
  2. New home for my chisels and other tools from the tool wall
  3. With the chisels and other tools moved from the tool wall,  a new chisel and saw till will give these tools a great new home.
  4. Finally a new work bench will be started.

So this is about the start of the detail design for the new Plane till.

I am working out the details in a few steps.

  • First  a full size layout of the planes.   This is done on my work bench using a large piece of paper and actual wood peices to get the spacing correct.
  • Second I am going to do some full size mockups to get the angle and size worked out.  From this I will do drawings to scale on graph paper.  I enjoy doing the drawings with pencil and paper.   I spend too much time on my computer so SketchUp is not exciting to me.
  • Third will be the actual construction of the actual tills and some small shelving under them on the tool wall.

Here are a few pictures of the start of the process.

Using my workbench as a full size drawing board.


Laying out planes.  I cut 3/8″ spacers to help me decide on adequate spacing and how much slack should be between the dividers.


Then I measured each of the planes and added everything up.  I am up to about 24″.