Corn Hole Boards – Really !!

I found out from my older daughter that number one grandson wanted Corn Hole Boards.   Someone had said they would make him some but had failed. Granddad into action.  A fun wood working project.

I did find out from 2nd daughter, a wedding planner,  that the Corn Hole Game is BIG at weddings.   You can get very fancy decorated boards from $150 to $200+ for a set.  Really !!

Found red, white and blue flag pattern bean bags at Dicks Sporting goods.  So the colors were decided.

First you have to find out dimensions.  This is a great starting point Corn Hole How To.

So a trip to home depot last Thursday.    Sandeply 1/2″ plywood,  4 2x6x8′ , some 3/8″ bolts and 4 cans of Rustoleum red, white and blue spray. Back to the shop.

Cut 2×6 to rough lengths.  Joint one side.  Rip to 3 1/4″ ( it just looked good ).  Make sure all the pieces are flat.  If not joint the sides flat. Cut to final lengths.   Drill for pocket hole screws and assemble.  Then spend 3  days spray painting.  Hole in the top and figure out the legs and you are done.

Deliver to grandson.  Have FUN.   Very happy times

Build images with comments. – Click for slide show.



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    This is a comment from me……

    A friend asked me for clarification on the plans… So here are some notes about what I really did and what you can do….

    There are a lot of plans out there… The rough version is 2×4 ft top and 2×4’s for the “frame” under the boards.

    So my version… In my area of the country, 2×6 construction is very clear pine. NOT SYP. So I made the frame from the 2×6 ripped to 1 1/2″ x 3″. Jointed and squared. I only worried about two sides being square. That would be the inside edge and the top side of the frame. I used Kreg Pocket holes to connect the corner joints.

    If you cheat just a little then use a sheet of decent plywood 1/2″ and make the tops 1/4″ – 3/8″ shy of 2×4 ft. This way you can get 4 tops out of one 4×8 sheet of plywood.

    I over sized the tops by 1/4″. Made frame undersized appropriately. So when I attached the tops to the frame I could use a router with follower bit to make the tops flush with the sides.

    So that is the tricky part. There is a blog and pictures on my website…. ( I think ). I will post another respose with the link. This is the part not really in my writeup.

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