Chisel Chest Build 1

As part of my shop plan to get to my new work bench several steps were necessary.

  1. My Planes have been not had a good home.   This has to change.  I have slightly damaged one of my brass plane soles and that is just painful.
  2. To have a home for my planes,  I have to re-arrange the tool wall where the chisels live now.
  3. All of my layout things,  rulers, dividers,  marking knives,  marking guages, saddle squares and just lots of pencils, pens and erasers are a mess.

So the plan started with moving a group of tools onto some new shelves.   That is finished.

Next is a set of drawers for chisels and making tools.

Then a new plane and saw till on the tool wall.

So here we are at the Chisel Chest

This will be a multi day post with lots of pictures and comments documenting the build process.

My design process always starts in my head.   I then back up the process with hardware and wood selections.   I always like to have all pieces and parts on hand when I start.   So a Plan.

First step was the drawer boxes.   These are 3/4″ plywood, pocket hole joinery and 1/4″ plywood bottoms dado’d.

Build images for the day. – Click for slide show.