GA Woodworkers Guild At the Woodworking Show in Atlanta 2014

Here is the full Woodworking Show album.   The Woodworking Shows

I attended as part of the  Georgia Woodworkers Guild.

The Guild has a booth and shows guild member works.   These are judged and prizes are awarded.     It is also a great time for guys to talk about woodworking.

I attended the show Friday afternoon, from about Noon until 3pm.   As you can see the attendance is very good.   I can expect that it would be larger on Saturday and Sunday.

In my opinion the show has gotten stronger.   I talked with one of the exhibitors who has been around a long time.  He said the new show owner is a young man who is really trying to the show right and treat everyone right.   Free seminars and other improvements have been made.   It is noticed that Rockler, Woodcraft and Lie-Nielsen are NOT present.  I have always looked at these shows a  place to get deals.  The big name brand dealers just do not feel it is their market place.  This could changes if attendance keeps building.  Lee Valley does a really good job in their booth.  All of the reps had iPads to look up items.

Peachtree Woodworking has about 12-14 booths.  They are selling everything.   The have solid representation for name brands like, JET, Powermatic, Kreg, Bosch, Bessey and others.  The also have a very large inventory of their own brands,  FULTON and Stone Mountain.   I did purchase a replacement for my base router table fence.  $23.

So I enjoyed the show.   These are always interesting.