Suggestion Box for a friend

JeffBox-3My good friend Jeff asked if I could make a “Suggestion Box” for a group he attends.  I always like having guys come over and work in the shop with me.

My wife refers to these as “play dates” with my friends.   It is great to have time and be flexible so I can schedule these.

So Jeff and I got out the graph paper and started drawing lines and boxes.   I got out my “golden rule” ruler from Lee Valley.  This was fascinating to Jeff so we ended with golden dimensions for the outside.

Found some pieces of cypress left over from a Big Egg Table build.    Decided the box would look better with 1/2″ thick materials so we quickly re-sawed and planed down the pieces.

Setup my box joint jig, did a test and we had it ready.

So we are now at the point of having a box with a bottom.  Next step is to do some interesting work with a hole in the top to store the 3×5 suggestion cards.

Here are a few pictures.  More the next time we get together.