Workbench TWO – Day 12

The objectives today were to complete the top glue up and mill the legs from the disaster glue up yesterday.

I pulled the clamps off top sections 3 and 4 from yesterday’s glue up.  The 2nd half looked really great.

I then went through a complete dry run for the last top glue up.  This would join the two halves into the finished top.   I wanted to make sure that when the halves were pulled together in the clamps that the surface would still be flat.  It should be, I have checked square sides on each step of the milling and maintained as close to exact as possible.  It was flat.

The result of the dry run was great.  I am really very pleased my plan for the top assembly has worked very well.

So I moved on the actual glueup.  I had to pull my long Jorgie clamps.  The 7 I had been using were 24″ clamps.  The top is 26″.   So setting the top on the cutoff blocks make setting up clamps much easier.   The Gross Stabil clamps would reach 26″ so I used them as the top clamps.

The top section glue up completed, I moved on the milling the mess of a glue up for the legs from yesterday.   This turned out very good.   I was able to joint them and plane them to a very acceptable 5″ x 3 1/2″ leg.    Just to make them nice, I trimmed all the ends square on the chop saw.  This will get refined as I actually mill the final legs, but that will be a few more days.

Yesterdays’s leg glue up…


Today’s milling result.    Nice !

So from the mess yesterday to nice legs milled to about 3 1/2 x 5.  This

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