Workbench TWO – Day 11

The objective for today is the glue up for the second half of the top and get the leg parts milled and glued up.

The glue up for the top when great.  Learned a few tricks from the first had and did not man  handle the sections so much.  So got the glue done and all looks good.

Milling the legs went well.  I figured out I would have the 3 1/2″  thickness with tow boards, I just had to match some pairs.   All of these parts were milled to 5 1/4″ wide which was the desired with.

The impatience struck !!! I thought I would try to glue all for pairs of boards in my clamp setup, with NO dominos for alignment.  STUPID !!

I think I can salvage these to 5″ wide.  This should not hurt the project, it just teaches me yet another lesson on patience in woodworking.

I am learning from many sources, that patience and precision are two of the biggest factors to doing excellent work.

On to day 12.

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