Workbench TWO – Day 2

Day 1 I milled the first 4 boards for the bench top.  These were ready to be glued.   Day 2 was the glue up.  This was very interesting and I learned what worked and what did not work.

I am using TiteBond Extended glue.  This give me 15 minutes open time and 25 minutes working time.   I found this glue to be thinner than my normal TiteBond II.

I first tried a 4″ roller and a 4″ roller pan.  This did not work well.   After the first board I switched to a squirt bottle with nozzle cut way back.  This worked much better but I cut too much nozzle so the hole was too big.  I have more bottles.  I am going to start with a much smaller hole.

After applying the glue with the bottle,  the 4″ roller worked very well. I just got too much glue on the board.  I used a 1/4″ nap.  I am going to try a shorter nap ( 3/16″ ) on the next glue up.

Clamping got real exciting !!  I thought 8 clamps would do fine.  I was organized and ready.   I put the 8 clamps on and the joints seemed to have a gap. ( Too much glue !! ).  So I added more clamps,  17 total !!

I cleaned off a small area to re-assure myself that the joints were pulled tight.  There were !! Whew !!

I did make one mistake on aligning the dominoes.  Need to double check that next time.

Here is a fun video I shot while doing the glue up.  It stops short.  This was my first attempt at this.  900 pictures, one a second, converted to movie @7 per second.

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Album with Day 2 pictures below.



  1. Jack Poulin says

    Your clamps are worth more money than my entire shop! Nice work though, considering you never used that glue before.

  2. says

    What was the mistake you made on the dominos? I’ve just got myself a domino so if I could learn from your mistake that’d be great! 🙂


    • Bartee says

      Two mistakes.

      1. I put a domino into a dog hole. Easy to fix but a brain fart.
      2. I put dominos in the same place of both side of board. So when I was gluing up I looked in a domino hole that the was part of one coming from the otherside. I had to cut off the one I was putting it. In this case it made no difference. The dominos were strickly for alignment of two boards being glued together.

      Both of these were just not paying enought attention and having too many marks on the board. Color is a good way to avoid some of the problem.

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