Workbench TWO – Day 2

Day 1 I milled the first 4 boards for the bench top.  These were ready to be glued.   Day 2 was the glue up.  This was very interesting and I learned what worked and what did not work.

I am using TiteBond Extended glue.  This give me 15 minutes open time and 25 minutes working time.   I found this glue to be thinner than my normal TiteBond II.

I first tried a 4″ roller and a 4″ roller pan.  This did not work well.   After the first board I switched to a squirt bottle with nozzle cut way back.  This worked much better but I cut too much nozzle so the hole was too big.  I have more bottles.  I am going to start with a much smaller hole.

After applying the glue with the bottle,  the 4″ roller worked very well. I just got too much glue on the board.  I used a 1/4″ nap.  I am going to try a shorter nap ( 3/16″ ) on the next glue up.

Clamping got real exciting !!  I thought 8 clamps would do fine.  I was organized and ready.   I put the 8 clamps on and the joints seemed to have a gap. ( Too much glue !! ).  So I added more clamps,  17 total !!

I cleaned off a small area to re-assure myself that the joints were pulled tight.  There were !! Whew !!

I did make one mistake on aligning the dominoes.  Need to double check that next time.

Here is a fun video I shot while doing the glue up.  It stops short.  This was my first attempt at this.  900 pictures, one a second, converted to movie @7 per second.

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Album with Day 2 pictures below.