2014 – Basement Flooding Fixed

Basement Water Problem Solved

We have lived in this house for over 20 years.   About 10+ years ago, the same time I started building my shop, we started having water flooding problems in the basement.   I would just suck the water out with the wet/dry shop vac or later on a small pump.  About 7-8 years ago I paid a company $5,000 to put in “french” drains around the outside.  They also graded the outside dirt on the offending basement wall so water would flow away from the house.  This lasted about 4 years.  2-3 years ago the flooding started again.

So I found a company on Agnies List.  A local company, not a “brand” name that had 20 years experience.  Mr Harris scheduled a visit.  In about 10 mins he said we can fix this with inside drains.  $4,500.  I asked about outside drains.  He said he could but it would not work.  Well it had not worked before !!! So I agreed.

I had to spend three days emptying the shop into the somewhat complete new room for my wife.   I moved a LOT of stuff.  It is in the big picture ablum below.

The showed up the next Monday.


Within 30 minutes of there arrival …..  See video !!!

This is a sample picture of the work in the shop.  This wall was Router Table, drill press, bandsaw  and belt sander.  You can see the dust collection connections.




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To see the whole picture please view the album below.