2014 – Jointer Shelf


For me, the most dangerous tool in my shop is my jointer.   I have an 8″ Grizzly G0593 with spiral head.   I have always been concerned about pushing boards through the jointer with my hands on the board.   I have read of boards that explode and your hand goes into the cutter head.  NOT GOOD !!

I have various push blocks but they were always in the wrong place.  No where to put them between cuts etc.

I was very excited when Gripper came out with their jointer push blocks.  Excellent design !!  I purchased two, but they suffered from the same problem.  Where do you set these between cuts ?

So last week I had an afternoon between tasks finishing my DIY room build out and finally built my “Jointer Shelf” that had been rattling around in my brain for a year.

Here it is.   It is a simple project, but I always enjoy building nice fixtures and stuff for my shop.  Each one of them makes the shop a little easier to use and a little safer.

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Below are the build pictures.  It was a simple project, but you might see some technique that would interest you.

Build images with comments. – Click for slide show.