Workbench TWO – Day 23

The objective today is to get the short rails and corresponding legs completed and assembled. Some finishing steps were required on the short rails to have them ready for glue up and draw boarded. Drilled all the holes in the top short rails that will allow the 3/8″ x 5 1/2″ lag bolts to be […]

Workbench TWO – Day 22

Objective today is complete the short rails mortise and tenons for for 2nd set of legs.   Start installation of twin vise including cutting clearance in upper rail,  sizing and initial fitting of backer boards for twin vise. Completing the remaining mortise and tenons for the short rails was straight forward.  Learned a lot on […]

Workbench TWO – Day 17

Objective for today is four square the workbench top.   Really !! This all started when I had completed the flattening of the bottom of the workbench and all the milling and mortise work on the legs.  At that point I realized I could start positioning the legs and maybe connect the short rails into […]