Workbench TWO – Day 16

The objective for today was to finish the mortises in the leg.  There are 12 to do.

So I selected tools,  Veritas PMV11 Chisels, 1″, 5/8″ and 1/2″.  Mallets,  Starrett 6″ square and of course my well used calipers.

I started with the large 1″ wide drilled out holes.   This was a very big learning process for me.  I quickly learned that a lot of force could and should be used.  The chisels where all very sharp and performing well.  However, when cutting across end grain for a 2″ depth,  force is required.   I quickly put on my now trusty yellow rubber line gloves.  This allow me to grip and control the chisel, both on the handle and the blade.  I got better and better, developing technique as I progressed.   The last hole I did a quick video, so you can see the process.   I stopped the video when my back side blocked all the real work.

So I thought I was ready to sizing and cutting the end rails.  Well, remember, measure twice, cut once !  I started setting up the legs and measuring.  On both ends !!  The width of the bench is about 1/16 larger on one end.  STOP and think about this !!

I tried to plane the faces… It was not and EPIC fail, but really did not produce the results I needed.

That started a whole chain of events.   Now from a great comment I got on ( my favorite forum ) I need to 4 square the entire workbench top.  This means I have to find a way to lift and position the top on the floor or some supports.

NOTE: Day 17 will be in about a week.   Spending time with the grand kids and Easter at church with my wife.   I will have a lifting solution by then.

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