Workbench TWO – Day 15

The objective today is to really get the legs processed.   This includes marking all the mortises and hole locations.   That took about an hour.  Then I am using my drill press to cut the mortises and of course drilling the pin and bolt holes.

The measuring and marking went well.  I have looked this in detail twice before.  So I was ready and had a good grasp on the orientation.   It   helps just to stand up the legs and look.

Over to the drill press.  In 2014 I built a drill press table top that I had been considering for some time.   This has proven to be valuable with large pieces of stock like these legs.

The drill press process was about 2 hours.  The fence made this really easy.   The bulk of the legs helped also.  Sometimes MASS is a good thing.

A new thing for me are these yellow rubberized gloves.   These have been great working with all of the stock.  The milling process makes the surfaces slick and everything is heavy.


You can also see in the picture above my attempt at dust collection.   The drill press makes a mess of shavings.  This worked OK.  Still had a mess but it made me feel better.

On to day 16 with lots of handwork to complete the mortises.

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