Studley Tool Chest Exhibit

I purchased my ticket for the Studley Tool Chest Exhibit about 1 year ago.   I just knew this was something that was important as a woodworker.

I had decided that I would not buy the book.  I have a lot of books and so much to read, learn and make.  This decision was changed in the first five minutes in the exhibition room.   The docents started by providing a history of the man, Henry Studley.   There was so much information.  I quickly realized I wanted to learn much more than was there.  This was intensified when Don Williams exposed the chest and started talking and opening the lift panels.  I knew I would buy the book: Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley

As of now, I have read about half the book.  The provenance, history and details are just amazing.   The Chest is a work of art, but the book is also a work of art by a true master, Don Williams with  Narayan Nayar’s photography.

My pictures of the exhibition where not intended to show the Chest and Workbench, but to show the people.

Please enjoy the pictures.




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