Handworks 2015

There is so much that could be said about Handworks 2015. I attended.  I saw old friends, and made new friends.  Found people who knew me from Instagram and this blog.  So many excellent tool makers,  craftsmen and teachers. There is so much that should be said.  If you love woodworking and handtools then this would be heaven on earth.  The people are really the best you could possibly want to meet. The Amana Colonies is the perfect location. So just enjoy looking at 237 pictures.  You might see old friends,  you will see products you know and a few incredible craftsmen.

So just enjoy the pictures.



  1. ralph boumenot says

    Hey Bartee,
    I’m in picture #20 – off to the right in the distance wearing the Navy ball cap. You could have shook hands we were so close.

    • Bartee says

      WOW, I had to laugh. Sorry we did not connect. It was a great experience. I now know I missed things.

      The guy that was cutting the seat bottom was great. I think I could make a chair. I especially am interested in the green stuff.

      • Martin S. says

        The guy cutting the chair seat is Greg Pennington. He teaches Windsor Chair making and is an excellent instructor. I know there are lots of places to learn to build a Windsor Chair, but Greg is right up there with the best. I took a class from him, and had so much fun, and built such a nice chair, that I will definitely do it again. Bartee, thanks for posting all the pics. I couldn’t make it due to work, so I was glad to see your pics.

  2. says

    Really good captures. Portraits are really hard for me, but you have done an excellent job capturing the feeling and likeness of many of the great folks I met over ther weekend. Sorry I didn’t run into you. It’s funny, several people I’d run into time and again and others I didn’t see all weekend despite looking for them.

    • Bartee says


      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I have over 4,000 photos on my website. It is good know when I hit the mark.

  3. konrad says

    I will second Jeremy’s comments and say excellent photos and portraits in particular. For such a packed event, you managed to capture some of the more intimate moments.

  4. Michael Davis-Cheshire says

    Thanks for taking and posting these. It is great to relive it, it was such a great experience!

  5. says

    Thank you, Bartee for sharing your photo memories of Handworks 2015. Wish I could have joined you and your friends. Lots of smiles.

    The R.U. harangue on powered tools (in the BC Vimeo video) seems disingenuous, give the widespread use of powered tools to produce so many of those marvelous hand tool creations displayed, fondled and I hope taken home.

    The close up portrait shots give nice balance to your slide show. Well done, sir.

  6. Wes Faulkenberry, Jr. says

    Bartee, on behalf of a whole lotta folks who couldn’t make it to Amana, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  7. Steve Hasebroock says


    Thank you so much for all the pictures of Handworks, Amana AND the Studley event. Both were a once in a lifetime experience! My pictures are nothing like yours! You really capture the people and the events. Excellent!

    I was a 2013 and 2015 was even better. What an experience, and with your pictures and words I will remember for years to come! Perhaps I will have the opportunity to meet you on the next event! 2017?

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


  8. Bartee says

    To all who commented….

    Thank you so much. I am humbled by your comments. It is simply a love of people and the craft.

    If there is a 2017, I will be there.

    I was blessed by God’s wonderful light in the the venues.

  9. Clifford Logan says

    Wonderful pictures. I was there, I believe you caught the mood of the show. Have you noticed how many of these people had huge smiles? I had a huge smile for at least a week afterwards.

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