Cyclone Dust Collection FULL

Well, it had to happen.  I do not have any routine inspection of my cyclone dust collection to determine if it is FULL.  BAD Mistake !!

I built the entire Workbench TWO Project and then some without ever checking the cyclone.

A woodworker friend came over on Saturday to use my Domino for a project.  He asked about the my Cyclone Dust Collection enclosure.  So I spun the four knobs to remove the “door” and here is what we found !!

My Instagram 15 second video ( @mysawbartee )

Oh What a mess.  The first thing we saw when I removed the door.

Next I started the process of cleaning up the mess.  Removed the 55 gallon drum and took it outside.


Then I used my big aluminum dust pan as a shovel and filled 3 large constrution garbage bags.   You can see after I moved out the drum how much saw dust was trapped.  In addtion to being on the floor the plastic bag under the airfilter was completely full.    I spent a while cleaning out the inside of the dust filter.


So I filled up 5 large construction bags.   That means there  was more outside the drum than in it.   I also spent a while just vacuuming fine dust that came out of the cyclone enclosure.


While I was spreading dust everywhere in the shop, I also cleaned out the Dust Deputy, shop vac can.  It was nearly full also.


All is well again.  I guess  I need to set a monthly appointment on my calendar to check the Dust Collection Drum !!!