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For many years I have been blogging and adding pictures with comments to my website.  To date, there are over 4,000 pictures with comments.   I have always resisted the “You Tube” movement based on my belief that no one really has the time to look at all these videos.   Well, I am WRONG !!!  Thousands of woodworking videos are viewed every day, by over 100,000 subscribers on some sites.

So I am joining the amazing group of woodworkers producing video blogs.  I have learned how much work this is and how many new concepts and technologies I need to learn.  For me it has been a exciting and fun adventure.

New camera and equipment are still arriving and WOW have a learned a LOT.

So here you have the first official video.  I have realized that what I will probably be doing the simply moving pictures documenting projects just as I always have.   My hope is that some of the things I do will help other woodworkers in their shops.

The Video

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Dial Caliper

Ridgid 18g Nail Gun from Home Depot – NO link for this,  my model is no longer available

Woodpecker Large Bevel Gauge – This was a one time tool, which is no longer available.

Starrett Combination Square Ruler –  Think ruler, without the square head, lives on my table saw.

Dubby – Taper Jig  Note: I paid $60 on special introduction offer, price is now $120

Horvarter Twin Vise – A video will be out soon on these vises

Swivel Casters – Northern Tool  Note:  I was unable to find the exact match.  You really have to go to a store and look.  Northern Tool is a first cousin to Harbor Freight.  Same quality of stuff.

Lee Valley – Drill Bit – Driver Extenders

Woodpecker Setup Blocks – 13 piece Imperial set

Auriou Carving Chisels