Workbench TWO – Day 28

The objective today is the bottom shelf.

Clamping the shelve supports into the dados cut many days ago.   Just did some TB II glue.  It was a nice snug fit.As the bottoms rails were milled, a 3/8″ dado was cut in each.   I had also milled up the shelf supports several days before.  So all was ready to start the install and shelf milling process.  I also setup a 2nd work table in my “finishing” area.   This will become a permanent table soon.  This was a simple process of cutting the shelf supports to length and gluing them.

All 7 boards with shims.  Now to figure out how wide the two end boards should be.Next I milled down two 8′ x 8″ 4/4 maple boards to the 7 shelf boards including, cutting to working size, ripping, jointing, final rip and cutting the ship lap rabbits in each board.    An easy and very satisfying process.  My milling skills have greatly improved over the course of this project.

Cutting the 2nd cut on the notch.  Wend very slow and just finished the cut.

I had to size the two end boards and notch them for the legs.   This also went very well, using many bandsaw practices I have learned over the years.


Day 29 will actually be several days of finishing steps.   The bench top will be treated with a BLO and bees wax mixture.  The base and workbench top faces will be finished with 3 coats of Enduro-Var Satin finish.

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