Fine woodworking meets remodeling

I have been working on finishing a room in my basement for 2.5 years.  The room contruction and finishing is on the move again since my retirement.  I keep finding seemingly small problems that take a lot of time.

Like the steps going from the main floor to the basement.  We have been living here for over 20 years. The basement stairs have always just gone down to the unfinished basement and my shop.  So the bad sheet rock job done by the original builder was never really a problem.

NOW it IS!

The new room is my wife’s room for crafts and her own place.

I had the sheet rock contractors add the missing sheetrock around the existing stair treads.  They actually did a great job cutting one piece that was notched around each stair tread.  This is what that looked like.

Stair Tread Sheetrock

So… Something had to be done.  I created a trim kit to fix the problem.   One small piece of wood at a time.

The result looks like this:


As always,  I documented the entire little project over the last 4 days.    Comments included.