Utility Taper Jig


I am working on a new project to build some video lights for the shop.   The end parts of the light needed to have a taper cut.  I needed a taper jig for large parts.

My standard taper jig would not work due to the size.  I remembered the jig I built for the Workbench TWO Dogs.  This would work, but it too has a size constriction.  So I decide to create a base that I could use for this and future projects.

This was all documented in a continuous video shoot which was edited to create “Project Build” video.

The very reason, I did not video blogging was the length of the videos and the time required to view these along with so much online content, videos, and blogs.   I have created was results in a short and long version of the work.

Shop Talk – Short version

Project Build – Long Version

Dubby Taper Jig